Staff In-Service Programs

In service training for the staff at the facilities we partner with is a hallmark of Salus Behavioral Health.

In-Service Programs and Services

Salus Behavioral Health goes beyond just meeting the needs of residents.  We offer a range of In-Service Training Programs and Services for the Skilled Nursing Care Staff Members and for Patient Families.  These include:


  • Know your Residents Rights
  • Empower your Residents
  • How Salus Behavioral Health Can Help You
  • Understanding the Signs of Depression in the Elderly
  • Depression and Dementia: What are the Differences?
  • Grieving:  How Do the Elderly Cope?
  • Working with the Sense Impaired Resident
  • The Alzheimers Resident: Why Bother?
  • The Mystery of Memory
  • Residents’ Strengths: What they CAN Do
  • Dealing with the Disoriented Resident
  • The Non-Compliant Resident: Clues to Coping
  • The Psychology of Adjustment to Placement
  • In Search of the Reasons for Self-Inflicted Behaviors
  • Stereotyping and Ageism


  • Manage Your Stress
  • Use Time to Your Advantage:  Getting the Most from Your Day
  • Communicating More Effectively with Your Co-Workers
  • Dispelling the Myths of Aging
  • Avoiding Burnout
  • Coping with Grieving Families


  • Role and Flexibility and the Adult Child
  • The Sandwich Generation: Between Your Parents and Children
  • Coping with the Guilt of Placement
  • Stages of the Family Cycle
  • Later Life Transitions
  • The Process of Becoming Your Parent’s Parent
  • Realignment of Relationships
  • Resolving Issues with the Older Generation